News paper advertisement

Advertising on television, radio, and direct mail is typically cheaper per thousand readers.

Magazine advertisement

As a print medium, magazines have the advantage of being able to communicate messages with high impact.

Tv / Radio Advertisement

Advertising on TV and radio gives you the chance to reach mass audiences.

Cinema Advertising

Make your brand stand out from the crowd eight times better than television.

We believe that our works can contribute to a better world.

Our team is passionate, resourceful, and forward-thinking, and we take pride in doing the highest quality work in the industry. Bringing your vision to life in the most creative, engaging, and innovative way possible is what we do with organizations. Our creative, interactive, and innovative approaches make your vision come to life.

Celebrity Invites

Promoting a product or service by focusing on the person’s popularity, money, or fame to sell products or services.

Our Service List

1. GEC News Channels

Udaya, Colors, Zee, Suvarna News, Etc.

2. Music Channels

Udaya, Raj, Public Music, Etc.

3. Devotional Channels

Sankara TV, Etc.

4. News Channels

TV5, Udaya, TV9, BTV, Raj News, News24, Public TV, Etc.

5. Info -Entertainment

Saral Jeevan, Ayush TV, Etc.

6. Cable TV Channels

Akash, 24Metro, Hamsa, Den, Ice6, C5, My Dreams, MCN, In Movie, V3, Etc.,


7. Radio Channels

Radio City, Big FM, Radio Mirchi, Fever 104, Indigo, Red FM, Air, Etc.

8. Theatre Screen Ads

Gopalan, Carnival, Cinepoils, Qube, INOX, PVR, Etc.

9. FCT Programs

5sec Promo, 10sec & 20sec Wishes ads

10. TV Slot

All type of TV Channels in Mins Slot

11. Scroll, Logo Bug

Running Program through Introduce brand offer.

Tricycle Advertisement


Bus shelters


Cinema Theatre Ads


Bus Branding Advertisement

A bus ad, which continually reminds your local audience of your business, is a highly effective way to reach local audiences.

Press Release / Press Conference

During a media event, newsmakers invite journalists to listen to them talk and, most often, ask questions.

Mobile Van Advertisement

Your brand gains a personality and a face when you do this. This allows you to reach out directly to your audience.


Our house keeps piling up with stuff, so we have trouble moving around and eating together as a family.

AD Shoot/Documentation

This is where you should describe the services that your company currently offers.